Open Call: Stories from the Room

In the forthcoming exhibition at CCA Kitakyushu, Jasphy Zheng is collecting personal writings from all continents to build an archive for this difficult time we share. All received writings will be saved in the archive as physical copies, categorized by region, language, and contributor. Each contributor will own a dedicated folder for recurring contributions.

All received writings will be preserved and presented in the gallery space with prohibited access from the public. No interaction, only existence. The archive will be updated with incoming contributions weekly, therefore the exhibition is subject to growth over the duration of three months.

If you would like to participate in the exhibition, please simply:
Keep a journal to write about your days
Write as often as possible, at any length, in any language you prefer
Send your writings to

Submission is open from now till August 7th, 2020. Submitted writings will be added to the archive weekly.

At CCA, in order to protect visitors and staff in accordance with the provision of Kitakyushu City, comprehensive hygiene measures and precautions are taken.

- Please visit only when you have no cold symptoms
- Please keep a minimum distance of 2m away from other visitors.
- Please wash your hands and use the hand sanitizers placed at the entrance and throughout the building.
- Please wear face-mask.
- The maximum number of visitors to CCA GALLERY is limited to 5 people.
- Before you visit the gallery, please check-in at the CCA office of 3rd floor with your name and contact.