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Isabelle Daëron

CCA GALLERY presents a new work of Isabelle Daëron, who lives and works in Paris.

Isabelle Daëron created an environment consisting of objects, drawings and researches – all focuses on the notion of Japanese word, Komorebi. This qualifies the sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees. But in terms of design, it questions also how an energy can be transformed, shaped with a minimum level of resources.
Among objects presented : Topique-leaves, a leaves collector that works with wind, and Topique-sun, an analemmatic sundial.

Isabelle Daëron stayed in CCA Kitakyushu from October 26th to November 15th, 2015.


Isabelle Daëron

What does it mean to inhabit a place today? What kind of relationship can we have with the environment? These are some questions that guide the work of Isabelle Daëron (born 1983 in Plœmeur, France). She designs objects, installations and spaces from a reflection on the living environment and natural elements that constitute it. She seeks a right balance between a material, a technique and a place. For instance, her project ‘Topiques or the utopian desire to inhabit flows’ gathers a series of objects questioning the use of natural flows and sustainable energies in public space. For this work, Isabelle received some prizes : Lille design Prize (2012), Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris (2013), Audi Talents Awards (2015).

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