Roman Ondak

Passage, 2004
2004-12-20 - 2005-02-04

500 chocolates were distributed to people with the request ‘to mould a sculpture out of the remained silver foil wrapping after eating a chocolate’

CCA Kitakyushu Project Gallery presented a new work by Roman Ondak.

Using a diverse media and methods, Roman Ondak explores in his installations, photographs, drawings, and performances a specific situation, which very often involve people he has some relationship with. These people either play a certain role in it or participate by creating of something what is based on Ondak’s descriptions. Inner structure of some of Ondak’s works is intentionally constructed in such way, that he expects people he personally doesn’t know to be partially motivated to take part in them.

That is also the case of his project conceived for CCA Project Gallery in which he collaborates with approximately five hundred employees of steel business in Kitakyushu. Without meeting them in persona, and only through another collaborators which have helped Ondak in distributing of his instruction to all of them, he is processually projecting his own perception and understanding of Japanese society into his work.

Each of his participants (the employee of steel business) was given a chocolate bar wrapped in its original silver foil wrapping with a simple request to mold a miniature sculpture from the silver foil after they would have eaten the chocolate. Sculptures made by all participants were then displayed in CCA Project Gallery.

Roman Ondak stayed in CCA Kitakyushu as Professor of Research Program from November 21 to December 20, 2004.

In collaboration with:
Astec Irie Co., Ltd. / Kishikawa Shoji Co., Ltd. / KODAMA
JIMI SANGYO / Sinnikka Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
Nippon Steel Coporation Yahata Works / Taiko Refractories Co., Ltd.
Mishimakosan Co., Ltd. / Yamamoto Industries., Ltd.

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Roman Ondak
2004-12-20 - 2005-02-04

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