Kazuo Shinohara

Street with human shadows
2006-10-02 - 20

CCA Kitakyushu Project Gallery presented “Street with human shadows” of Kazuo Shinohara.

In Mach 2006, CCA published “Street with human shadows”, that consists of the images from Kazuo Shinohara’s personal archive with over 10,000 photos during his trips to the cities in Europe, Africa and South & North America in the 70s and 80s. Also it contains a text of his final public lecture in the symposium under the same title in November 2004. What he saw through lens was the archetype of his architectural space – people on the streets, crowds, history, culture, and people who gather and live in the space. At the same time, the images are also records of his search in people and cities of the world towards a space he would create in future. Most of the time his work is discussed with conciseness, but here we find a Shinohara’s new facet which could be hardly revealed before.

The project of this exhibition is organized along with the publication, and includes over 100 images Shinohara captured during his trip.

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