Continuous path
2018-06-04 - 2018-08-10

CCA Kitakyushu is pleased to announce a new program from June 2018.

20+ will be presenting emerging artists with the opportunity to experiment with new ideas connected to significant challenges in their career. Since its foundation in 1997, CCA has been working closely with artists and practitioners from various fields including architecture and science. One of the main activities has always been the program for young artists, such as Fellowship Program started in 2015.

20+ stands for the fact that the year 2018 is the 21st year of CCA.

20+ indicates an exploration of a new perspective to be continued in the ever-changing art world.

For the first 20+ project, Bunker-Palace presents a new work at CCA GALLERY.

“As architects we are interested in constructing frames that allow a new perception of the existing space. The experience of a visitor depends on own wanderings and relation to time confusion. ‘Continuous path’ asks the possibility of rediscovering the gallery space. A two walls corridor fills the gallery space, creating a situation of interiority and exteriority inside the space. The initial space becomes blurrier and more diaphanous in terms of materiality and relation to time. It encourages visitors to walk every corner according to their own curiosity. The feeling of time lingers on when walking around, like it would do in an aimless wandering. The position of the visitor in space and time is

questioned when the visitor discovers the corner room where a live image of the corridor is projected. There a time-delay allows the visitors to see themselves aimlessly wandering.”

Dan Graham ‘The complexity comes with the people’

Vito Acconci ‘Architecture is not about space but about time’

– Bunker-Palace

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2018-06-04 - 2018-08-10