Sung Hwan Kim

2016-10-08 - 2016-11-18

CCA Kitakyushu presents a new work by Sung Hwan Kim, who lives and works in New York.

‘It is September, 2016. In light of recent catastrophes and their ramifications, especially from the racial tensions inside and outside of the US, where I reside, I began to think of a scene in which a young man demands an apology from his unknown counterpart (s). Even in the most demure manifestation of the scene, the concept of labor could hardly be overlooked. First, one contemplates who this youth could be in the fictional space, i.e. the scene. We usually construe based on his skin or language in which he performs. Second, one wonders what this man does for a living when he exits the frame. Is he a so-called non-professional actor, whose life is rarely transformed by the act of acting although he is temporarily treated with dignity because his presence casts a kind of significance for the duration of the production period? Third, we calculate the budget scale laid out by the choreography of the staff and the scope of decor. All this for the portrayal of a man asking for an apology.’

‘In CCA, I will start by playing in the gallery space some clips I created with the students from United Nations International School in New York. Then with the provided resources, I will pound on the possibility of listening to these demands in the recorded clips by working with the architectural elements in the space.’

A gentle riddance. Draw the curtains, go.
Let all of his complexion choose me so.
– William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Sung Hwan Kim stayed in CCA Kitakyushu from October 1st to 8th, 2016.


My body moves

I want my children to be independent
My workers work for me
My surroundings will serve me
Or my surroundings will serve the people
Whom my idea wants properly served

When my body starts to operate the way I planned
When my body starts to realize my idea
When my body starts to operate the way I planned
When my body moves to realize just one idea

gak jju gu geom
My body moves

Lyrics by Sung Hwan Kim.
Music by dogr, quoting Symphony No.2 by Charles Ives.



Video credits:

written by Sung Hwan Kim;
based on a workshop led by Sung Hwan Kim and David Michael DiGregorio;

Toky Razafindrakoto, Suin Kwon, Liam Jackson, Juan Lozano González del Tanago, Drew Hill, Alejandro Dale Figeman, Juliet O’Connor, Curtis Hosang, Vivian Melder;

United Nations International School, 24-50 FDR Drive, New York

July 11 2016-July 28 2016;

thanks to Jeremy Birk, Jane Camblin, Kiara Downey, Michelle Bertrand, and Dan Cooke.

Sung Hwan Kim
2016-10-08 - 2016-11-18

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