Sara Benaglia

Sara Benaglia is an artist living and working in Milan. Benaglia’s work employs installations, acts, drawings, readings, video or text works, with an emphasis on the body, as an anatomical theatre where the various imperatives imposed on us, and on culture itself understood as a rule of impersonal order, are represented.

For example, when Benaglia presented her work at Passi Erratici at Merz Foundation, the act of a gymnastic exercise applied to sculpture represented a fundamental step in the analysis of the Visual Discipline, which she conceived as an ideology transmitted through bodily experience – a point of intersection between the writing of history and the social paradigms involved in it.

There are no private meanings: the sharing of a language and a common form of life make it impossible to de-automate one’s own life behaviour. At the dawn of every culture or lifestyle there is a theory of discipline transmitted by language. Benaglia investigates what lies on the borderline between gestural and verbal language, between body and dialectic, within cracks and contradictions of a whole separated in two.

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