John Casti

John Casti began his work in in the area of systems modeling and analysis as one of the first members of the research staff at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg. Casti has served on the facilities of New York University and Princeton University, and on the faculty of the Santa Fe Institute where his focus was on biological metaphors in the mathematical modeling of economics and other social phenomena. His numerous publications range from technical monographs on mathematical modeling to popular books on complexity and the limits of knowledge. In addition, he published a work of science fiction entitles The Cambridge A Quintet (1997). His research interests have centered on the use of large-scale microsimulation to study the properties of complex, adaptive systems, such as stock markets the business world, and road-traffic networks. He has been also engaged in exploring the question of whether or not there are limits to our ability to answer questions in the natural sciences by scientific means. This work involves making a bridge between the ‘impossibility’ results of Turing, Gödel and Chaitin in mathematics and questions in physics, biology and economics.

Bridge the Gap? (2001, Kitakyushu)

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