Didier Fiuza Faustino

Didier Faustino’s work is certainly concerned with the Here and Now, physical as it is with the body at its center. Tactile, concerned with stimulation of the senses, provoking… Far from being confined into any of the territories of Art or Architecture, he invites us to operate freely and construct our world starting from presence of our individual bodies in the world. Yet, he is aware that bodies are domesticated and tamed in created situations ultimately dealing with the political and the social nature. Hence his subversive stand invites us to reconsider the boundary of private and public, of personal and communal.

Professor of Reseach Program(2005, 2010)

Bridge the Gap? 5 (2009 Venice)
Bridge the Gap? 6 (2009 New York)
Bridge the Gap? 7 (2011 Granada)
Bridge the Gap? 8 (2011 Ahungalla)
Bridge the Gap? 9 (2012 Mexico City)
Bridge the Gap? 10 (2014 Istanbul)
Bridge the Gap? 11 (2015 Singapore)
Bridge the Gap? 12 (2016 Genoa)



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