Sumi Hayashi

Hayashi Sumi (Kobe) is an independent curator, and was a Curator of Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art from 1989 to March 2012. She has curated a number of exhibitions, including “Is This Art?” (1998), “Sleeping / Dreaming / Awakening” (2002), and solo shows by Robert Ryman (2004), Gerhard Richter (2005), and Mark Rothko (2009). In 2010, she was appointed as Commissioner for the Japanese participation in the 14th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh (Nawa Kohei was the participating artist and won a Grand Prize). In addition to organizing various art projects, she is now translating Mark Rothko: A Biography written by James E. B. Breslin, published in 1993.

(As of 2012)

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Sumi Hayashi