Lee Soukyoun

Soukyoun Lee studied in Seoul and Paris, and is currently Director of K-Artist Global Project Ministry Culture & Tourism, Korean Art Museum Association (2011-). Lee also served as Director of Curatorial Bureau of Seoul Museum of Art (2009 – 2011), Director of Sungkok Cultural Foundation/Sungkok Art Museum (2007 – 2009) and chief curator of Daelim Cultural Foundation/Daelim Contemporary Art Museum (1995 – 2004). Lee has organized many exhibitions and projects such as “Man Ray & His Heritage” (2010), “Mask: Dong Gang International Photo Festival” (2009), “Power of Photography : 21 French Contemporary Photographers” (2008), “Chuck Close Prints; Process & Collaboration” (2008), “Dis-communication, Japanese Contemporary Art” (2007), “Painterly Photography with Françoise Hugier and Sarah Moon” (2007), “Christian Lacroix & Bae Joonsung ; Artist’s clothes” (2003), and “Les Mtamorphoses du Model / The Metamorphosis of the Model” (2002).

(As of Oct 2011)

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Lee Soukyoun