Jimmy Robert

Jimmy Robert (born in Guadeloupe, France, 1975) lives and works in Berlin.

Jimmy Robert works with photography, performance, and film attempting to create a conversation between individual pieces that he produces as well as uses them as independent entities within the installational work. He observes the instability of representation via the porosity of images as well as the dynamics of surfaces creating dimensional images. Throughout his films, Robert explores the idea of juxtaposition and performativity of materials further with the use of subjects and their sense of absence and alienation in a given space. On the other hand, with his performances Robert directly explores the idea of the body as material. He intentionally adds layers to highlight the complexity of the reading of images within which intertextuality or the potential of references plays an important role. The work of the French writer Marguerite Duras was a great influence in the ways she deconstructed texts but also expanded their content through other forms. The narrativity of content and form are always in dialogue through the media Robert engages with, again within an independent piece as well as juxtaposed ones.

Professor of Research Program (2009)


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