Suh Jinsuk

Jinsuk Suh is Director of Alternative Space Loop. “Loop” was initiated by Suh in 1999. Since moved to the current space (Seo-kyo Dong, Seoul), the space has acted as one of the springboards for contemporary art activities in Korea, and has developed many projects beyond unified genres and mediums. Suh has organized many shows and projects, including “Media Landscape, Zone East” at 6th Liverpool Biennial (2010), “A Different Similarity”(2010), “Known Unknowns – British Contemporary art” (2009), “Re:Membering – Next of Japan” (2009), and “Move on Asia 2004-2010”, “The Next of Russian Art” (2008), “Privacy” (2008), “Extended Senses-Korea and Japan Media art Exchanging Exhibiton” (2008).

(As of Oct 2011)

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Suh Jinsuk