Kyoichi Tsuzuki

Born in 1956, Kyoichi Tsuzuki was active as an editor from his college days on. He wrote articles himself for the magazines POPEYE and BRUTUS, on modern art and architecture, design, and urban living. He was also responsible for space concept design in clubs such as Milk in Ebisu and Orange in Iikura.
From 1989 to 1992, while distinguishing himself strictly from the field of art critics, art historians and so on, he published a book in 102 volumes on 102 artists called ART RANDOM. In 1996, ROADSIDE JAPAN, CHIN-NIHON KIKO was published, a re-editing of Chin-Nihon Kiko which was serialized in the magazine SPA! between 1993 and 1996. For this, he traveled about the provincial towns of Japan, seeking out places that were rather different. In 1993, he published TOKYO STYLE, for which he gathered his material from perfectly ordinary living space in Tokyo.
The material for these works was all gathered by Tsuzuki in person. He searches out the things he wants to write about himself, then writes them up and photographs them himself. He doesn’t, he says, want to become a specialist: he has absolutely no idea of specializing in either art, architecture or design. He aims rather to observe things from a different standpoint and express them in prose and photographs. His manner is not concern with presenting definitions or rules. He offers a possible choice; it is up to the reader and no one else to do the choosing.

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