Tomoko Yabumae

Tomoko Yabumae is Curator of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Yabumae has curated numerous exhibitions including ‘Shinro Ohtake; Zen-Kei Retrospective 1955-2006’ (2006) and ‘Omnilogue: Your Voice is Mine’ (2013, NUS Museum, Singapore). Since 2007 she has organized ‘MOT Collection‘, an exhibition series focusing on the museum’s collection with a special feature such as ‘Kenjiro Okazaki’ (2009-10), ‘Chronicle 1995- ‘(2014), ‘Sayoko Yamaguchi: The Wearist, Clothed in the Future’ (2015), ‘An Art Exhibition for Children: Whose place is this?‘(2015). Her writings on modern and contemporary Japanese art have appeared in a number of journals in Japan.

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